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Bernie's China Thing

If you aren't disturbed by Bernie Sanders' lead in the Democrat Primary, you should be. Time and again, Bernie sings the praises of Socialist and Communist dictators. Many of his followers have expressed an interest in and carried out menacing acts of violence. Sanders campaign officials have openly posited that Conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters will have to be placed in Maoist re-education camps. These types of statements have never been disavowed by the Sanders' campaign. But, the most disturbing part of all of 'this' is that there is a significant percentage of our population that appear to subscribe to the type of social and economic tyranny Bernie prescribes. These are dangerous policies and their supporters are dangerous people. Without the press and public holding them accountable and exposing their true policy objectives, they pose the greatest threat to the stability of our republic and the American way of life.

It's time for each of us to purpose to marginalize this movement. I think that this can best be accomplished by educating our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors about the scourge of Socialism. Sadly, many continue to be willingly manipulated by their hatred and confirmation bias into choosing tyranny. They are like lambs being led to the slaughter.Are you going to allow them to drag you with them?


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