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Ballot Bullies

Liberal logic. Silly rabbit. You don't get the virus 'protesting'. Only eating dinner in a restaurant ... working at a small business ... or voting. This is really very simple. They know that mass mailing ballots provides an opportunity to compromise the outcome of the election if they need it by removing all quality control chain of ballot custody and execution assurances ... and they want to bully you into agreeing to do it by conjuring up images of racist voter suppression and Post Office persecution. It's that simple.

I don't want to suppress the vote. I'm just tired of people trying to get me to agree to stupid and destructive policies that harm me, my family and this country and getting their way because they scream louder. You see, I've worked the polls and understand how they work.

Why is everyone stepping around their accusations of vote suppression and "attacking the Post Office" so gingerly? They want to cheat. You don't want them to. Tell them.

It's that simple.



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