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App Rating

A lot of you are considering alternative social media platforms for a variety of reasons. Remember that the App Store solicits your review of the app by using a 'star system.' You can find the review section by opening the application in the App Store and scrolling down. You'll see a the 'star system' review. I encourage you to express your view of the app by selecting the star number that reflects your feelings and concerns about the App. For Facebook, Twitter, and youtube ... I chose one star.

For the last several months I have felt harassed by these platforms. I actually stopped posting to Twitter long ago. Facebook "footnotes" nearly every one of my posts with "additional information" links to contradict what I have said. The only time I have been actually fact checked is when I have posted a meme that originated elsewhere ... so this is not about my upset over being called out for disseminating false information. They haven't done it ... because I haven't lied to you. Youtube is a completely different story. Youtube has tagged over 150 of the 500 of videos my company has posted to its channel with frivolous copyright violations. To the extent that the pending cases have been resolved, it has been in our favor. You see, FMG has licensing or the copyright for the videographic components for the videos produced by FMG ... from the music, to the video, the graphic images, and the captioning. I believe that the platform knows this from the metadata uploaded to their server with the videos.

Understand, these ratings are important to the application developer and distributor. It affects their placements and standing in the industry. If you are unhappy with the application. Let them know. I did. #blueintheface #BeingFrank #FMG ___


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