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Allergic to Self Awareness

This is the controversial Nation column by Katha Politt in defense of Joe Biden and her intention to vote for him even if “he boiled babies and ate them." While it's hard to know exactly what a pro-choice liberal actually means by that ... I'll assume that she meant it as an extreme position as opposed to the inconsequential act suggested by her other 'baby politics'. Albeit a shocking statement to conservatives, it is another unrealized ambiguity created by the mass liberal allergy to consistency and self awareness.

I posted it because I think it's important for conservatives, Republicans and libertarians to see, know, and understand what liberal, Democrat, progressive thought leaders are circulating among the party faithful. It's a heads up ... if you will ... on what you can expect to be later soundbite aped by the masses. Pieces like this are often the sources for snappy memes and mind numbing slogans that plague our political dialogue. I'm looking forward to comparing this piece with her Kavanaugh pieces.

... and the piece ... of course ... takes a gratuitous swipe at Evangelical Christians. No 360 degree head spinning 'baby eating' screed would be complete without it.

Let me know what you think.


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