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All Hail the Bureaucratistocracy!

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Who knew that we had so many un-beatified saints working in the Diplomatic Corps? It can’t have escaped your notice how predictably and effusively Democrats speak of each and every bureaucrat who has something negative to say about the President and how uniformly most bureaucrats speak in superlatives about one another, their reputations and job performance. Axiomatically, each are beyond reproach. This verbal round robin beatification (a/k/a ‘political circle jerk’) has necessarily become endemic to that culture of people who live in and around the beltway, are compensated far above the national average, and control the allocation of trillions of our tax dollars without any real accountability while they feed at the public trough and benefit from the complete absence of private sector job performance standards receiving incremental raises as a function of time as opposed to merit. It is the mutual cover that they afford one another while surfing porn, ignoring FOIA requests, stonewalling Congressional Committees looking for the truth about the actual performance of fellow bureaucrats, unaccountably spending our tax dollars in ways secreted from the eyes of internal auditors and inspectors, and looking the other way as their agencies, branches and divisions are weaponized for political purpose. In all respects, they have become the Bureaucratistocray.

Largely un-elected, they make rules, selectively (sometimes punitively) enforce our laws, and at all times move at almost imperceptibly glacial pace. This recent glimpse into its existence and operation make clear that they are in all respects … the true rulers of the people.

… all hail and beware of the 'patriotic', 'heroic' and 'brave' Bureaucratistocracy!


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