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Account Deletion Day

The success or failure of a social media platform largely depends upon the number of subscribers, availability of content, clicks and advertisers. You see, these platforms rely upon subscribers to provide their content. It is the interest of other subscribers in the content manifest by views and interaction by clicks that determine the cost of advertising on the platform ... and the revenue derived from advertising by the platform. In other words, your subscription, content and participation puts money in the pockets of the platform owners. This should rate the subscriber as the number one concern of platforms. But, it doesn't. Not all subscribers.

It should be clear to you by now that if you are a conservative ... you are no longer welcome on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, youtube, etc. You know who they are ... and they know who you are. Continuing to maintain an account and provide them with content, following their advertisers and your clicks profits them ... as they diligently work to silence you and others like you. But, you are in control.

January 20 is Account Deletion Day. It won't be easy. But, remember, your liberal "friends" haven't objected to the purge. You won't miss them ... and they have made it clear that they won't miss you. Understand, friends don't allow other friends to be digitally persecuted and silenced. Other like minded principled people are waiting for you on the other side. Be brave. You have the final word.

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