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Catholic Conscience?

If "people" really cared about "children" … they would find the state by state battle waged by child sexual abuse victim advocacy groups against the Church and the 50 state's Attorneys General to compel the Church to release their records unnecessarily protracted, unseemly, and evilly inappropriate. But, the truth is that this isn't about children. It isn't about Biblical calling. It's about the preservation of power, privilege and the veneer of moral authority hiding behind brightly colored vestments, fashionable hats, religiosity, pageantry and marble halls festooned with Masterworks and golden idols.

Each weekend that the over 1.5 billion Catholics attend Church, they disregard the pain and suffering that this criminal enterprise has and continues to inflict upon children and survivors with their attendance and financial support. If you knew that the produce manager at your grocery store was raping stock boys on the loading dock and the store's general manager and owner allowed it and shielded him from prosecution … you'd stop shopping there. Where's all that self-righteous selfie-exhibitionist 'virtue' signaling when we actually need it? Understand, it isn't a grocery store manager that you'll have to explain your 'indifference' to …

It's time for the Catholic laity to grow a collective conscience, for this spiritual Ponzi scheme to be prosecuted as an organized criminal enterprise under the Federal RICO statute, and its property confiscated and redistributed to its victims under the forfeiture provisions of our Federal criminal law.

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