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Despite early voting, mail in voting, absentee voting, and extended hours voting, millions of registered voters don't actually vote. Some lay claim to a principled electoral boycott ... maintaining that their feelings or sensibilities have been offended by the candidates and/or parties in equal measure. Given the traditional small of measure of difference between the party platforms and candidates ... either outcome posed the prospect of real change in matters of degree. But, that's not the case in 2020. The parties, their platforms, and the candidates differ substantially in principles, platform and perspective. This disparity not only warrants further examination, but mandates participation.

Purpose to help one another move beyond posing and candidate crushing in exercising the franchise. Remind the boycotters that their vote isn't a Valentine ... it's a policy choice that will impact each and every one of us long after the posers are gone. Election boycotting is an act of imaginary heroism. Understand, no one is watching. #blueintheface #BeingFrank #fmg ___

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